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Award Winning Show Producer who is Transforming Human Consciousness & Shifting Energy on our Planet

Meet this Scottish entrepreneur residing in the Lake District who is on a journey to ‘transform human consciousness’ and has shifted immense amounts of energy on the planet since the beginning of her entrepreneurial journey. She is helping people to unleash their intuitive power, expand their reality and reach their highest potential.

What are we humans made of? Mind, Body, Emotions, thoughts? Have you ever given a thought? Can you please pause and think about it for a minute? The introspection and reflection will be interesting and will take you onto another level, give it a try. The core of our existence is much beyond what we see. Across centuries man has evolved but what remains constant is that we are the unfolding of Creation itself – we are “ENERGY”. We are forever in a state of flux, change… transformation.

It is believed that the main source and ingredients of the human existence is comprised of ENERGY. It is a Energy which cannot be created or destroyed it can only be transformed. But many of us are unaware how to transform the energy within us and use it as a tool to reach to our higher potential. Quite often we find ourselves in a situation where our own mind restricts us from tapping into the intuitive source of innate wisdom and, with millions of emotions, thoughts, situations running back and forth in our mind we find ourselves lost amidst various “personal paradoxes” where we become entangled-with and stuck-in cycles of frustration. To solve this mind mystery, we need to seek help from experts and specialists who can guide us and show us the path towards reaching our higher potential. One who can teach us intuition guiding methods and help us to tap into that creative energy which will expand our horizons.

Meet Kirsty Lucinda Allan, Founder of KLA Creative Ltd, a coaching and personal development firm. She is a creative personal development coach and is passionately travelling on an adventurous journey and is helping people “find their light”. Her mission is to ‘illuminate beauty and brilliance in others’ which is often overlooked or otherwise hidden away.

She is passionately coaching people to resolves their personal paradoxes and trains them to release their internal conflicts or limitations. She empowers them to become free of those self-limiting beliefs and utterly transform – into the expanded true version of themselves. Her zeal to make a difference into real people’s lives and to create change through her ongoing determination to contribute creatively towards arts, science and the coaching world itself. She is constantly implementing and inspiring new ideas, methods and techniques - which is evident in her mind-blowing creative work and growing clientele.

Talking about growing her business during the covid times, she says

“I try new things, I revisit old things, I get collaborating with others on new projects. We use what we have, in the now”.

Big Dreams and New Beginnings BEGIN with our own Inner Self Work

Kirsty started her adventurous entrepreneurial journey in the year 2002. Her super creative and adventurous nature found path into the entrepreneurial world by diving deep into her own self-discovery first where she experienced a transformation within her like a butterfly. She transformed from a caterpillar to a butterfly by investing a lot of time in doing the extra inner work with herself and she empowered her own self first by sharing her own struggles, triumphs and unusual insights. She went over and above her comfort zone and experimented with new ideas, methods, innovations to such a great extent that she became comfortable with people raising their eye-brows. She feels called to challenge the status-quo on social perceptions and to act for inclusion, exploration, individual and collective growth.

“… there is always incentive to push the boundaries of my own comfort zone - because in taking the risks that come with stepping on to new ground, it creates new opportunity for others to come and explore too. As an advocate for alternative thinking and living, I recognise that necessity of courage. This is what my clients learn to appreciate, that they become fully empowered in their authenticity by ‘finding their light’ and standing in it for others to see. This is true creativity and true leadership.” she says.

Kirsty carries a rich and varied flavour of work experiences and her passion is evident in the variety of work she has done in the past. Carrying a rich academic background as a parapsychology researcher with specialism is psi phenomena (psychic and healing abilities), she has also previously worked with NHS as a psychological wellbeing practitioner and a creator of unusual, quirky wellbeing workshops and classes. She has also been an official paranormal investigator for a research council and a placebo researcher. In complement she was also an international fetish fashion cover model, burlesque comedienne and award-winning show producer. In fact, she is widely regarded as one of the leaders of the UK burlesque renaissance itself and through her ‘mission’ (Ministry of Burlesque) she helped ignite performing arts careers in a genre that otherwise didn’t exist. She is also a master of Sekhem Reiki and the author of an insightful book drawing on her life’s experiences, named “IF: Ironic Fundamentalism” which helps on How to turn your Anxiety in to your guide to personal Enlightenment. Through her current business she passionately curates two membership programmes (The Manifesting Institute and The Paranormal Portal), she creates ‘curious courses’ to inspire alternative thinking and inclusion, trains groups to enhance their intuition and psychic function and she privately coaches successful creatives who desire to up-level, transform and grow their own missions. Talking about her current business and what she loves the most about running her business she says,

“Transformation for all of us. Individuals, clients, groups, collectively beyond the business itself. Being part of the community that is changing the world to uphold shared values of growth and love and unity".

Follow your Heart’s Adventures

Kirsty’s current business was born out of her adventures in the ‘Avant garden of life’. From burlesque to the paranormal, she has lived a life of seeking the ‘other’, the fringe of arts and sciences. Her businesses now reflect this as she works deeply with intuition, guiding clients to obtain a holistic understanding of their true identity, purpose and meaning. She is motivated to help others identify and resolve their personal paradoxes and along the journey guides them to release their internal conflicts or limitations and frees them to become the expanded true version of themselves.

“This is often the case where a person’s thoughts and feelings pull them in different directions, and they are caught, suspended in the middle in a state of stress and immobility. This is often the case where people desire a transition, a transformation but cannot see the ‘road ahead’. I show them that they can forge their own pathway,” she says.

GROWTH is in our Nature

Since the inception Kirsty has been organically growing her business. Her adventurous nature finds growth very easy by experimenting new and different ways of growing her business. She has rocketed her business to new heights with each passing year and strongly believes that growth is in our nature and we must allow ourselves to expand and tap into the intuitive energy which will guide our growth.

“For example, when we are restricted, we are actually more creative than ever. Having few and simple decisions over many decisions and multiple choices, means we are more likely to actually choose something and take action, rather than become stuck in indecision” she says.

Starting her business from scratch she has produced, directed, managed over 500 burlesque shows across the UK and Channel Islands, challenging beauty, body and gender norms. She has immense gratitude for being able to facilitate the emergence of the UK burlesque industry itself and supported the launch of dozens of performer careers.

“Since I began coaching creatives in 2008, I have learned a lot about value. My one-to-one coaching fees have in fact multiplied by 10x and this is deeply reflected in the value of what my clients receive from me and, the outcomes they experience, such as launching a new business, identity, artwork or mission with a matter of weeks. For my ‘Find Your Light’ journey, there is a £5k investment. This entails a full three months of in-depth personal exploration, mapping, guidance and planning; it also establishes a new or extended network and… what many get so extra-excited about… they receive detailed writing from me throughout – more than enough to form their own book about their journey, a book of their Light. It is uniquely valuable," she shares talking about her growth journey.

Kirsty has many personal accolades, personally she is featured in over 100 print publications including several magazine covers. Alongside she was featured on major mainstream TV channels and radio and has travelled the world and delivered keynote talks at various events. She envisions to grow her business with a high positive spirit and now is also engaged in active research and investing considerable money in developing those learning portals to help others harness their own intuitive, psychic and manifesting abilities for their careers too.

Being Authentic amidst the Rat Race is the secret to overcome challenges.

The Coaching Industry is fast-growing and in today’s world with many coaches and offering Kirsty feels that being visible as an experienced and unique coach in a growing forest of coaching is one of the biggest challenges she faces. She feels that in today’s fast paced world there is an online bandwagon that has emerged offering the most ambiguous ‘catch all’ services which do nothing to help the emergence of a sustainable industry, rather it hinders it. But she says she has experienced this before in both arts and science, and strongly believes that where there is a lack of established industry ethics, there is no clear benchmark for newcomers to aspire to. So, new coaches should also make sure to look within themselves for their own intuitive guidance on how to serve, rather than simply ‘follow’ what looks successful or trending. With so much happening around the world and such a diversity of needs to serve, Kirsty believes in doing ethical business and staying authentic to your own self, passionately working towards your own dreams - and on this path of authentic action, there is no ‘competition’ and sky is the limit.

“The key to this is to remain authentic to being yourself – be the original article, with a unique position and do not be caught up in the online anxiety that invariably takes hold when new trends emerge and people are caught up in ‘trying to beat the competition’ (because when you are unique there are no competitors),” she says.
“People will see you through the thickets and fog, when you shine your true Light,” she adds.

Advice to other Entrepreneurs. - In Kirsty’s own words read her advice to all entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs.

“Find Your Light.Expand your inner and professional vision to expand your impact and happiness”

1.Drop ambition and chose aspiration instead- Ambition is often seen as something to be proud of – or a personal quality that would ensure success – but that is an illusion. It involves competition and essential comparison to others, with this comes fear of not being ‘first’, resentment, envy and self-critique and a hammering on self-esteem. Contrastingly, aspiration dispenses with the external yardsticks and focusses inwardly on personal potential and the realisation of growth from within. I say it’s time to put ambition on hold and be inspired in the moment.

2.Value collective growth- Understanding and harnessing the potential of consciousness is empowering us for health, wealth and unity. From influencers and artists to communities and businesses who lead the vanguard of progress, upgrading the human conscious experience is essential to growth and sustainability in the shifting landscape of evolving culture, spirituality and technology.

3.Embrace your anxieties- Your anxieties tell you so much about who you are and your core values, your deep needs and desires. The habits you have formed can actually be turned around into super skills for manifesting your mission.

4.Leadership comes from uncertainty – not certainty. Being at the ‘front’ is firstly about being on a journey. True heart-centred leaders are those willing to keep on stepping ahead on to new ground, in spite of their uncertainties,” she adds.

Know More About Kirsty-

I believe in- My intuition. Where you suspect someone is a narcissist, a sociopath or plain old bully, they will be – and it’s not your job to fix them nor satisfy their needs.

The biggest lesson I have ever learned is- Answers come from within. Intuition is an inner pathway to All.

My favourite business tool or resource is-Everything happens through the power of Macbook and iPhone!

My favourite quotes are- “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”- Maya Angelou

The intellect is a beautiful servant but a terrible master. Intellect is the power tool of our separateness. The intuitive, compassionate heart is the doorway to our unity.- Ram Dass:

The cosmos is within us. We are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself.'- Carl Sagan

My Family comprises of- I am married to my wonderfully supportive and loving husband Jon who is an experienced businessman and graphic designer specialising in print. We have two sons, Victor who is 3 and Gabriel who is 2. They are adorably sweet, hilarious and downright weird at times, which is exactly how I dreamed they would be. Victor has achondroplasia too (Dwarfism) which has led me on a fascinating journey in itself with the support of a gorgeous community of insightful people.

We have two cats, a python and a spider also living with us and I get endless inspiration from all.

We wish Kirsty and her Business heaps of success. If you wish to know get coached from Kirsty and unleash your intuitive creative power, please visit and reach out to her.

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